Street Stories - Audio Menu Page

Page 1 Anthony talks about being shunned.
Alberta tells her history.
Page 2 Frank talks about his causes.
Larry talks about shooting heroin.
Page 3 Demetrius talks about the homeless.
Johnny talks about becoming paralyzed,
Page 4 Rea talks about panhandling.
Robert talks about street life.
Page 5 Rea tells her zipper story.
Robert describes the heroin rush.
Page 6 Stu talks about his mental illness.
Tony talks about heroin.
Page 7 Twain talks about his plans.
Steve's depression.
Page 8 Ed's life on the street - part 1.
Ed's life on the street - part 2.
Page 9 Intorduction by Chuck Ferris, then homeless
young people: Chuck, Dan, Nellie, & Noah
talk about life on the street..

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