Street Stories - Video Menu

Video Page 1 Sheryl has had some hard times
Randy is doing well on Methadone
Christina and the pain of rejection
Frankie's Philosophy
Brandy is having a crisis
Cordell shares one of his poems
Video Page 2 Patches discusses his life
James keeps the faith
Joe expresses his loyalty
Thomas talks about lifelong addiction
Thomas talks about addiction-part 2
Cowboy's early years
Robert helps his friends shoot up
Kieth gets a new start
Robbie has a big hole in his head.
Bill tells a story about Bill
Evan struggles with depression
Andrea is barely hanging on
Red Dog - Master story teller
Tim feels hurt when people ignore him
Chance discusses the Homeless Coalition
Ikeal didn't do well after Viet Nam
Augustine is getting scary
Estelle has a mission
Mary Ellen & Woody enjoy the homeless existence.
Evan struggles with depression and addiction.
John has reached the end of the line.
Rex can't see a future for himself
Jose has 'scribbles' from brain damage.
Brandy is not doing at all well.
Mickey is driven by his heroin addiction

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